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Mid Coast Medical Group - For a Lifetime of Caring Mid Coast Medical Group is located in Brunswick, Bath & Topsham
Specialty Care
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Brunswick Physicians

Mid Coast Breast & Surgical Oncology Center

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 1150, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6546

Patricia S. Greatorex, MD
Kim Lynch, RN, Nurse Navigator

Mid Coast Cardiology

121 Medical Center Drive
Suite 3100, Brunswick 04011
(207) 729-7939

Paul R. Burns, MD
Benjamin A. Lowenstein, MD
Scott D. Mills, MD
Enrique J. Rivas, MD
R. Scott Schafer, MD
Ellen M. Simon, MD
Melissa A. Walters, PA-C

Mid Coast Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology

81 Medical Center Drive
Brunswick 04011
(207) 4067290

Emily T. Demetriou, MD
Liana B. Kelly, MSN, FNP
Christine L. Twining, MD
Alison Fernald, RD, LD, CDE

Mid Coast Geriatrics

58 Baribeau Drive
Brunswick, ME 04011
Ph: (207) 373-4615
Fax: (207) 373-9015
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Florin Olteanu, MD, CMD
Doreen Siddall, NP

Mid Coast Medical Group–Ear, Nose & Throat

331 Maine Street, Suite 4
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 721-0911

Gregory L. Penner, MD

Mid Coast Eye Associates

8 Mason Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 729-7971

Marybeth D. Ford, MD
Gregory G. Gensheimer, MD
Kurt H. Kelley, MD
Mark E. Marotto, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Gastroenterology

121 Medical Center Drive, Suite 3400
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 406-7300

Miguel R. Arguedas, MD, MPH
Richard P. Beveridge, MD
Laura B. Smith-Tucker, MSN, FNP, RNFA
Calin Stoicov, MD, PhD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Hematology & Oncology

329 Maine Street, Suite A
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 319-1847

Trudi A. Chase, MD
Mikee Spaulding, FNP-C

Mid Coast Medical Group–Nephrology

121 Medical Center Drive
Suite 3500, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6310

Cynthia A. DeSoi, MD
Andrew J. Thornton, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Neurology

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2400, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6099

Kathryn D. Seasholtz, DO
William P. Stamey, MD
John A. Taylor, DO

Mid Coast Medical Group–Orthopedics

430 Bath Road
Suite 102, Brunswick 04011
(207) 442-0350
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Mark F. Henry, MD
Peter H. Hutchinson, MD
Lisa D. Khoury, MD
Douglas W. Kleinman,PA-C  
William P. Simpson, PA-C
John S. Van Orden, MD

Midcoast Pediatrics

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2200, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6844

David L. Enright, MD
Amina B. Hanna, MD
Stephanie A. Phelps, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Physiatry & Pain Management

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2300, Brunswick 04011
(207) 406-7070

G.F. John Guernelli, MD
Kristen J. Schroeder-Cyr, FNP

Mid Coast Medical Group–Primary Care

22 Station Avenue
Suite 101, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6848

Lindsey Ackley-Pozzessere, DO
Allan J. Kaplan, MD
Karen J. Ludwig, FNP-C
Michael C. MacDonald, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

121 Medical Center Drive
Suite 3300, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6490

Paul J. LaPrad, MD
Patrick J. Keaney, MD
James P. McCormick, MD
Hal I. Sreden, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Rheumatology

121 Medical Center Drive, Suite 3500
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 406-7155

Diana Vradii, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Surgical Care

121 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2550, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-1707

Ira A. Bird, MD
Nathaniel W. Hyde, MD
Stemple D. Johnson
Gregory A. Kelly, MD
Mia H. Marietta, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Urology

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2350, Brunswick 04011
(207) 373-6690

Amy B. Bosinske, MS, PA-C
Michael R. Curtis, MD
Francine D’Alfonso, FNP
Craig A. Hawkins, MD

Mid Coast Medical Group–Women's Health Care: Obstetrics/Gynecology

121 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2700, Brunswick 04011
(207) 721-8700

Lisa R. Anderson, MD
Annemarie B. Curnin, CNM
Gregory L. Gimbel, MD
Stephanie J. Grohs, MD
Stephanie Holmes, FNP
Cathy Huston, FNP
Darcey J. Leighton, DO
Alexis L. Nolan, RN, CNM
Aoife E. O’Brien, RN, CNM
Elaine M. Secskas, MD
Melissa J. Streeter, MD
Maud van de Wiele, RN, CNM
Suzanne W. Zimmerman, CNM

Mid Coast Medical Group–Wound & Ostomy Care

81 Medical Center Drive
Suite 2150
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 373-6155

Patsy Cyr, RN, MS, FNP-C, CWS
Susan Newkirk, RN, BSN
Claire M Ross, FNP-C, CWON

Primary Care