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Cognitive Communication Disorders

Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Disorders resulting from neurological illness or injury are classified as cognitive-communication disorders, and can dramatically impact one’s ability to function. They commonly result in:

  • Deficits in reasoning
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts, paying attention, or following directions
  • Difficulties with concepts of time and money
  • Difficulties with long-or short-term memory
  • Limited communication
  • Problem-solving deficits and difficulty with planning
  • Problems with awareness of one’ surroundings

Evaluation and Treatment

Your speech pathologist, in collaboration with other team members, will administer a comprehensive assessment of one’s strengths and deficits. Upon review, the speech pathologist will work with you to identify goals and priorities.

The therapist will design a program to help the patient develop ordered, sequenced thinking skills, and the ability to work more quickly with complex information.

He/she will also work with the patient to enhance attention skills and improve the ability to visually scan, remember, and mentally manipulate visual information.

Additionally, a patient’s program may include:

Compensation techniques for memory, such as a memory notebook/planner.

Practicing reacquired skills in daily living activities.

Family education about how to use strategies to improve function.

Resources for community support.


For more information about us please call 373-6175.


Neurological Impairment May Result from:

  • Brain Injury
  • Brain Tumor
  • Dementia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke

Neurological illness or injury may result in learning disabilities that were not previously present.