Free swap of new digital thermometer for old mercury version
at Mid Coast Hospital, April 21
*Working to eliminate mercury pollution

For years, mothers took the temperature of family members with a fever using an oral thermometer filled with mercury.

Today digital technology has replaced the old chemical method, but those old thermometers are still kicking around in bathrooms and medicine cabinets--filled with mercury that is now labeled a toxin.

On Wednesday, April 21, Mid Coast Hospital will do its part to eliminate mercury. Residents are encouraged to bring in the old mercury thermometers for proper disposal. As an incentive, the first 200 thermometers coming in the door will be replaced with brand new digital models absolutely free.

The thermometer exchange is part of the hospital's Earth Day Environmental Fair. There will be exhibits, recycling games for the kids, presentations on art-from-trash, boat building, refreshments, and more. The event , from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., in the hospital cafe is open to the public.

The fair is sponsored by the hospital's Environmental Impact Committee which has worked aggressively over several years to promote recycling and eliminate pollution. In fact, the hospital has been cited several times by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its efforts. This year's thermometer exchange for the public grew out of a successful swap a year ago for employees.

For more information
Bettie Kettell, 373-6824
Val Gamache, 729-0181