Tuesday Dinner Forum focuses on Prostate Cancer--
a message of hope and life
*October 19 Panel includes cancer survivor and TV reporter Don Carrigan along with medical experts.

Next Tuesday, October 19, at Mid Coast Hospital, there will be a panel discussion and dinner forum about Prostate cancer--a cancer that kills nearly 30,000 men each year in the United States.

The panel discussion includes WCSH TV reporter Don Carrigan, a cancer survivor, Oncologist Dr. G. Richard Polkinghorn, Urologist Dr. James Ross, radiation oncologist Dr. Stuart Gilbert, and Kip De Serres, state vice president for Cancer Control of the American Cancer Society.

The event includes a complimentary supper and begins at 5:30 p.m. Because space is limited, preregistration is required by calling 373-6585.

For Bath resident and panel moderator Michael Todd, the event is a step in raising the awareness of the Mid Coast area on the importance of being tested for the cancer and the treatment options that are now available for those diagnosed.

Todd is a prostate cancer survivor. When his diagnosis came back positive for prostate cancer he knew that he had to make some important decisions. After consulting with several doctors and gathering as much information as possible, he found surgery to be his best option and had a successful outcome.

“The key is to catch early symptoms and make sure you are tested,” says Todd. “Men over 50--especially those in a high risk group--will want to make this part of their discussions with their primary care doctors.”

The initial panel discussion hopes to attract not only men who have been diagnosed but also their family and friends who will be supporting them. “This is open to everyone,” says Todd.

"We hope those at risk or whose life has been touch by prostate cancer will take advantage of this event and the knowledgeable panel.”

The free forum is sponsored by Mid Coast Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Prostate Cancer Support Group Forming

On Tuesday, November 23 a support group will be starting for prostate cancer patients, survivors, their partners, family and friends. THe group will continue to meet monthly at Mid Coast Hospital.

“The support group will be a comfortable and safe forum for men and their partners to discuss how prostate cancer has affected their lives”, says Michael Todd, cancer survivor and group facilitator.

“We will have an opportunity to learn from each other and from guest speakers, and we will build a collection of resource materials about the latest treatment options, testing procedures and other factors that have an impact on our quality of life.

It is important for men to know that they are not alone in facing prostate cancer.” For more information please Michael Todd at 373-6065.