Support Group forming for Sleep Apnea
First Meeting on Monday, November 22

Mid Coast Hospital will be forming a sleep apnea support group with a first meeting on Monday,
November 22, 6-7:30 p.m. in the Café Conference Room 3 of the Medical Office Building.

Individuals with sleep disorders and their family and friends are welcome to attend. At the first meeting, sleep specialist and pulmonologist Hal I. Sreden, MD, and members of the Sleep Disorders Center staff will lead a discussion to increase sleep health awareness, sleep apnea and its treatment.

Mid Coast Hospital wants to help those who are sleep deprived because it is a serious health issue.

“Without a full night's rest we are less alert and attentive, more inclined to irritability and other mood problems that can make relationships with family, friends and co-workers difficult,” says Marge Montejo, who has worked in the sleep field for 25 years at both Maine Medical Center and now Mid Coast Hospital.

“At the worst, lack of sleep may lead to serious accidents while driving or operating machinery.”

To learn more about the program and/or sleeping disorders, call the hospital's Sleep Disorders Center at 373-6351, or visit the website at

The Sleep Disorders Center at Mid Coast Hospital is celebrating its fifth birthday. Sleep studies done at the hospital are under the supervision on a certified sleep lab technologist and are reviewed by a pulmonologist with a sub-specialty in sleep medicine. Four bedrooms are availble at all hours when it is most useful and convenient to the patient--both to fit into schedules and to replicate as close as possible a person's normal sleep pattern.

Future meetings will be held at 6 p.m. at the hospital on the fourth Monday of every other month
beginning in January.