Why Would High School Sophomores Visit a Community Hospital to Study Sculpture?

Upward Bound—Michael Todd, top right, Director of Development at Mid Coast Hospital, leads Upward Bound students past the maritime oil painting of Peter Cook. The students visited Mid Coast to view public art as part of their sculpture workshop. The Cook canvasses, donated by the artist's estate, are displayed in the stairway and halls of the hospital's new expansion.

Eight Upward Bound students from around the state, participating in a six-week program at Bowdoin College, visited Mid Coast Hospital Friday (7/16) as part of a week-long sculpture workshop. The tour introduced students to how art and architecture can be intimately involved in the positive experience of being in a public building and in the healing process of a hospital.

Artwork is one of the elements used at Mid Coast Hospital to help create what it calls a Healing Environment. This holistic healing approach uses paintings, sculpture, stained glass, and other works by Maine artists to create an environment that enhances the experience of patients, visitors, and staff alike.

"We believe in treating each person that enters the hospital as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit," said Director of Development Michael Todd, who led the student tour.

Major points on the hospital art tour included Newborn, a bronze sculpture by William Zorach; granite and water sculptures by Andreas Von Huene; a collection of maritime painting by Peter Cook; and large murals by Mark Wethli and Dahlov Ipcar.

As part of their workshop, the Upward Bound students toured a West Bath foundry, viewed outdoor sculptures at the Audubon's Gilsland Farm, and visited local sculptor Andreas Von Huene, whose works were featured on the Mid Coast Hospital tour.

For many of the students, the week's workshop was a first-time experience with sculptures and mediums. The week of sculpture immersion is part of a six-week Upwards Bound program for high school sophomores focusing on academics, the arts, visits to college campuses, and the college application and financial assistance process.

The eight visiting Mid Coast are from communities as diverse as Georgetown, Woodland, Addison, Lisbon, and Bath. They were accompanied on their tour of Mid Coast by Susan Weems of Brunswick, and Bowdoin teaching assistants Brian Kim of Lee, NH, and Anna Schember of San Francisco, CA.

For more information about the Healing Environment at Mid Coast Hospital, contact Director of Development Michael Todd at (207) 373-6065, or by email at PRINT THIS PAGE