Mid Coast Hospital Offers New Asthma Education Program

Mid Coast Hospital has an Asthma Education Program to support management of asthma in children and adults. Participants meet with our Certified Asthma Educator, Joanna Fernald, RN, AE-C, for inpatient and outpatient counseling. Home visits may be arranged. While a physician's order is required, patients may contact the Asthma Educator directly for self-referral and more information.

With the patient and family she addresses:

* Symptoms of asthma
* How to avoid triggers
* Correct use of inhalers and medications
* How to use a written Asthma Action Plan
* Problems with asthma control

For healthcare providers she offers:

* A summary of asthma visits
* Follow-up when your patient has visited Mid Coast Hospital's Emergency Department
* Clarification of National Heart, Lung, and Blood Pressure Institute guidelines
* Asthma workshops and staff training

"Our goal is to improve patient and family understanding, and self-management of Asthma," says Ms. Fernald. "The educational program should reduce the incidence of poorly controlled asthma and minimize the number of preventable Emergency Department and hospital admissions. In addition, the program aligns us with Health Care Reform's focus on chronic disease management, which includes eliminating avoidable hospitalizations and increasing patient involvement in their own care."

According to Ms. Fernald, most insurance companies cover adult and pediatric outpatient visits. She can see outpatients in her office and/or in their home to include environmental assessment.

For more information on Asthma Education, please call 207-373-6595.