Mid Coast Hospital Launches 'Kid-Friendly' Pediatric Surgery Web Mini-Site

Whenever a child needs ear tubes inserted or tonsils removed, it can be traumatic for both youngster and parents. Fear of the unknown plays a major role in their anxiety. To alleviate these concerns, Mid Coast Hospital has launched a "kid-friendly" web site about pediatric surgery and what children and their parents can expect.

The pages introduce the child and parents to staff they will meet, let's them know the "dos and don'ts" of preparing for surgery, offers a handy "Be Prepared!" check-list, and provides a narrated virtual tour to help familiarize them with the process and hospital environment.

"Putting children and their busy parents or guardians at ease, and making sure that they have the information they need for an excellent surgical experience, is the impetus behind this project," said Lynne Pinkham, RN, Nurse Director of Surgical Services at Mid Coast Hospital. "The virtual tour, particularly, allows children - either by themselves or with their parents - to see first-hand what they will encounter when they come to Mid Coast Hospital."

The mini-site also makes available downloadable forms, a coloring page, and a "Certificate of Bravery" to award young patients. The site can be visited at: www.midcoasthealth.com/pediatricsurgery