Mid Coast Health Services Unveils Its 2020 Vision—Transforming Healthcare: Charting the Course for the Future

After almost nine months of planning, community conversations, and dozens of focus groups, Mid Coast Health Services has unveiled its roadmap for delivering accessible, cost-effective, regional healthcare throughout the coming decade.

In order to meet the growing challenge of providing high-quality healthcare and excellent service, the region's leading healthcare system has charted a course with greater emphasis on wellness and prevention, while continuing to contain costs through efficiencies.

The plan document, Mid Coast Health Services 2020 Vision, was released earlier this week after approval by the Mid Coast Health Services Board of Directors on February 3, 2011.

In the process of developing priorities and a plan for how to operate over the next decade, Mid Coast Health Services listened and learned from the community - patients and families, faith community, municipal leaders, legislators and local businesses. They also looked inward, calling upon theiremployees, medical staff, hospital volunteers, auxiliary, Board members, and Corporators for guidance.

Lois Skillings, Executive Vice President for Mid Coast Health Services noted, "We are extremely gratified by the amount of interest shown in this process, and ended up in a conversation with more than 1,000 community members. We listened for many hours to thousands of ideas about what people thought healthcare in our region should look like over the next decade." Skillings believes the result of this community dialog is something of which everyone can be very proud, and that the effort has resulted in a solid, innovative vision.

Skillings added, "We have prepared a vision for the future that will allow the community to continue to access exceptional healthcare close to home. Our industry must face challenges head on. Now is the time for a major shift and a new vision. The work that has gone into this effort has been so substantial and thoughtful. Our team is confident that this new direction will serve the community well into the future."

Paul LaPrad, MD, Board Certified Critical Care Physician and President of Mid Coast Hospital Medical Staff, led the effort to engage physicians in the planning process.

Dr. LaPrad noted, "The truth is, we must embrace a very different approach to delivering integrated health care in the future. Regardless of one's politics or the continuing debate in Washington, it is crystal clear that traditional ways of delivering care are no longer sustainable. Our community's population is aging. Healthcare is increasingly complex. And the cost to deliver these services has been rising to the point where the financial strains of healthcare costs are impacting the overall economy."

LaPrad and his colleagues are enthusiastic about Mid Coast's leadership and agree that healthcare providers need to do more than react to their patients' illnesses. Instead, this new vision calls for the healthcaresystem to be proactive and take responsibility to engage with the community to promote health and wellness and build a sustainable and accountable healthcare system.

Herbert Paris, Mid Coast's President and CEO commented, "Mid Coast Health Services' 2020 Vision comes at the right time, following more than two decades of growth. This institution has become a tremendous community resource during the past 20 years and the Mid Coast family has expanded to meet the needs of all members of our community. We developed a comprehensive healthcare system so our community can receive excellent care close to home. We've consolidated where it made sense and achieved national recognition for our work."

An overview of the vision, which will guide healthcare in the region for the next decade, calls for Mid Coast Health Services to continue its leadership, transform healthcare for the 18communities it serves, and focus on becoming:

* An organization that not only takes care of patients when they become sick, but also takes responsibility for the health and well-being of the community.

* An organization that is easy to access and navigate and is committed to surpassing expectations.

* An organization that uses a team approach to managing the quality and cost of healthcare across all settings, engaging the patient, employers, and healthcare team in the process.

* An organization that continuously measures and improves everything it does and engineers safety, technology, evidence, and reliability into its clinical practices to achieve superior outcomes.

* And an organization that actively engages with the community to plan for and meet changing needs, and provides a first place to turn for high-quality healthcare, close to home.

This project was funded in part with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

View and download our 2020 Vision here!