Mid Coast Hospital Flies Flag to Raise Awareness of Organ Donation Need

Mid Coast Hospital is partnering with all Maine hospitals in April to help raise awareness of the need for organ donations. A Donate Life flag flies over the medical center campus to call attention to the issue and encourage individuals to register as donors.

In the fall of 2011, Donate Life America announced that more than 100 million U.S. residents had registered as organ and tissue donors through their state donor registries. This is a great accomplishment and means that approximately 42% of individuals 18 and older are currently registered as donors. However, with 112,000 patients currently on the national organ transplant waitlist, even with so many registered donors, many of those waiting will not receive a transplant in time. Our shared goal is to continue working toward increasing the number of registered donors with the hope of reducing the time it takes for a transplant and reduce deaths on the waitlist to zero.

Donation organizations and supporters across the country have set a goal of 20 million new registered donors in the year 2012. The initiative is focused on radically increasing the number of people registered on state donor registries and will feature campaigns across the country to increase awareness. Through this campaign, donor families, recipients, living donors, and patients currently on the waiting list will share their personal stories of hope to encourage others to take action and sign up as donors.

April is National Donate Life Month: an opportunity to continue our education efforts, celebrate the lives saved and enhanced through donation, and honor the donors who made the ultimate gift. You can celebrate this special time by discussing organ and tissue donation with friends and family, encourage others to join the registry, and help raise awareness by visiting the Donate Life New England Facebook and Twitter pages. You have the power to donate life.