Mid Coast Hospital Launches Asthma Management Program

Now there is a program that helps asthma sufferers tame their symptoms and gain control of their lives.

Mid Coast Hospitalís Asthma Management Program is headed by local expert Meredith Smithson, RN, an asthma nurse educator. Meredith is now accepting patients into the program who find their asthma symptoms getting in the way of school, work, and play.

The program is designed to help both adults and children with asthma get better control of their symptoms, avoid triggers the cause asthma attacks, and manage asthma medications.

Covered by most insurances, the program does not require a physicianís referral to participate.

As part of Mayís Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month activities, you can determine if your asthma can be better controlled by taking a simple Asthma Control Test, or ACT, at www.midcoasthealth.com/asthma.

For more information or to register for the program, call (207) 373-6595.