Mid Coast Hospital Expands Pregnancy Care Offerings
Grant Award To Enhance CenteringPregnancy® Program

As a result of a recent grant, Maternity Care at Mid Coast Hospital will be expanding the already successful CenteringPregnancy program. The $30,300 award from March of Dimes will support the program by allowing for increased scheduling opportunities and patient capacity.

CenteringPregnancy is an evidenced based model of group prenatal care that integrates basic prenatal health assessment and education with social support. Facilitated by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Maternity Care nurses, the Centering program at Mid Coast Hospital allows women with similar “due months” to meet in a group setting and participate in their own care by weighing themselves, checking blood pressures, and recording in their own charts.

“Our Centering program offers pregnant women an alternative to traditional one-on-one prenatal care,” says Suzy Zimmerman, CNM. “In a group of moms all with the same birth month, women are free to gain and share information, work toward health goals, and form supportive relationships that last far beyond the birth of their child. It is a way to form a community that promotes healthy outcomes for moms, babies, and families.”

This unique model of pregnancy care is known to contribute to decreased cesarean section rates and the occurrence of premature births. “We’ve already seen great results,” said Eileen Delaney, Mid Coast Hospital Director of Maternity. “Since the Centering program began in 2010, we’ve already achieved our goals of improving health outcomes.” Mid Coast Hospital’s cesarean section rate is lower than the national average and the premature birth rate has decrease steadily since the inception of the CenteringPregnancy program.

Mid Coast Hospital’s Midwifery team consist of three full-time CNMs that provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the new funding, each of the CNMs on staff and several maternity nurses will be trained as facilitators for the Centering program allowing for more classes to take place. Funding will also be used to purchase learning materials and needed equipment for the group sessions.

Delaney noted that the program is currently seeking official certification from the Centering Healthcare Institute in Boston, MA. “By becoming an Approved Centering Site we will gain access to expertise, support, and guidance that will continue to strengthen our program and assure we are offering the highest level of care possible to our patients,” she said.

For more information and to take a tour of Mid Coast Hospital’s Maternity facility visit http://www.midcoasthealth.com/maternity or call 207-373-6500.