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I love the Walk-In Clinic!

It is professional, fast, and friendly.
Kudos to all of the staff there. Thank you for the excellent job.

Nicole C.
Phippsburg, Maine


I want to take a minute and share with you my experience with the Walk-In clinic last month.

I have always had great luck with my primary physician, but my youngest son became ill very quickly on a Sunday. I took him out to run errands. He developed a fever and rapidly became lethargic. I drove him straight to the clinic without returning home. The experience was wonderful and supportive. I will definitely will use the clinic again. I am grateful to have a clinic in our area to use over an emergency room visit. My son was more comfortable and seen quickly. It is a wonderful alternative to the emergency room.

Laura L.
Brunswick, Maine


My niece called at 11:00 PM to let me know she was in labor at Mid Coast Hospital. I live three hours away out-of-state.

We arrived at your hospital at 2:30 AM and were greeted by a registration staff person who was very friendly and professional. In Maternity, they were aware of our long ride and were friendly and caring about our commute. I want to also say that Mary (a Maternity nurse) was exceptional.

I can’t say enough about my positive visit and the professionalism of the staff and physician. I've worked in the healthcare field for the last thirty year and I was so impressed with your facility and staff. From the time we walked into the hospital—from the girl who toasted my bagel to the doctor who delivered—EVERYONE I encountered was professional and friendly.

Donna Z.

I have lived in Maine since 2008, and up until this year, I stayed with my doctor in New Hampshire, putting off doctors visits until I could go down there. I have had horrible luck in the past with new hospitals, and didn't want to go through the nightmare of having to get used to yet another one.

My family finally convinced me to go to Martins Point in Brunswick, where I found that I really liked my new primary care physician. Not soon after switching, I became pregnant with our first child (she is due the end of January!) and Mid Coast Hospital was recommended to me for an OB/GYN. I have to admit, I was nervous. It was quite a bit larger than what I was used to. But I made an appointment none the less to give it a try.

When I walked in, I expected the staff to be haughty and rude, like I had previously encountered in larger hospitals. How pleasantly surprised I was, and still am! Everybody there makes you feel right at home, they are so nice.

I still can't get over the fact that I have gotten into the majority of my appointments right on time. I no longer dread my doctors visits, and am confident that if I have a question, I won't be looked down upon at this hospital. I am no longer stressed out about all the things that could go wrong during my delivery, but rather looking forward to my delivery knowing that my doctors and nurses are there to help both myself and my child. They have my full trust!

Just wanted to let you know that you guys have done a great job building such a friendly and caring environment. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat!

Danielle B.

My daughter had a surgery in your hospital yesterday.

I grew up on Orr's Island and I was a little skeptical of her choice of Brunswick for a hospital. My father was chief of anesthesia at Maine Med for over a decade - our exposure is to bigger centers.

Walking into the light filled space where attention has been paid to every detail - I was instantly won over From the Zorach sculpture that has a prominent spot in the front entry to the whimsical granite and wood seating with rivulets for rubber ducks. The staff was attentive, professional and made signing in a pleasant two second experience (and so clever - having Sudoku puzzles in a basket for people who are waiting). We were then taken to a private room - for day surgery? I thought we were in the wrong place - that overlooked the woods and walking trails.

The staff was empathetic, professional and attentive (special shout out to nurses Jamie, Joel & Kandy).

I was able to come and go - which allowed me to check out the art on the second floor and I now covet the Dhalov Ipcar I discovered From a facility perspective - you have it down pat-extremely impressed.

Thank you for taking care in providing the best possible environs for a stressful situation (your staff seems to appreciate what they have as well and that carries through to the client.

Camden, Maine

We were recently in Maine for a visit with my sister and in the early hours of Sept. 8, 2011, my husband had to be taken by ambulance to your hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my husband and myself to say Thank You for the excellent care that he received. He had to have gallbladder surgery as a result of this. We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone from the ambulance drivers from Bath, the Emergency room doctors and staff, x-ray techs, nursing staff both in the ER, operating/recovery room and on the floor. He was on level 2.

We would also like to thank Dr. Bird for his excellent care. He was truly sent from above to care for my husband. We are from Calvert County Maryland and it is a frightening thing to be away from home and become ill. Everyone at Mid Coast made us feel at ease and at home. You should be very proud of what you do.

Could you please pass this on to your staff.
Thank you so much.

Donna and William S.
Huntingtown, Maryland

I would like to give some very positive feedback for a Mid Coast Hospital employee. Yesterday (06/29/11) I came in to have some lab work done and Gale Dubuc took excellent care of me. I have never met Gale prior to yesterday but she made it feel like we were old friends, which was wonderful because I very much dislike having my blood drawn. Her friendly yet professional manner made me feel more at ease and her expertise made this experience of having blood drawn the most enjoyable one yet, and I have had many recently. I could tell that Gale was being vigilant about how long I had to wait and how much time the whole process was taking for me. She made sure I was in and out as quickly as possible which I very much appreciated since I was on a tight schedule. If I could I would never have blood taken by anyone else. Gale is a gem! I will certainly be coming back to Mid Coast for the future testing I need done in hopes that Gale will be there. Thank you.

Sarah B.

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I recently spent a week [at Mid Coast Hospital] and the care was uniformly outstanding. The nurses and doctors are an amazing team of health care professionals who are second to none! ... Mid Coast Hospital is a well-oiled machine that is staffed by a team of extraordinarily talented nurses and board-certified physicians. We are very fortunate to have this outstanding hospital and staff located in the Brunswick area.
(As published by The Times Record.)

Tim M.
Topsham, Maine

We had just moved to Maine from Massachusetts the week before when my son stepped on a nail. He had no health insurance but we had to bring him to Emergency (he needed a tetanus shot). Having gone to Emergency Rooms in Mass. we knew (so we thought) that it would be at least a 4 hour ordeal. (One time I was there in Mass. 8 hours as was my son another time.)

Imagine our surprise that we walked right into a clean, state-of-the-art facility, greeted by wonderful, caring people, and we were out in less than an hour! I have been raving about your hospital and the care we received. We were never made to feel bad that he had no insurance. You are indeed a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

David's Mom, Lisa

I was rushed into the Emergency Room at Mid Coast Hospital with very severe pain in the lower stomach and groin area. I do not know the names of all the nurses and doctors that treated me in the Emergency Room, but I felt that they should be complemented for doing a wonderful job and doing it with great care and patience. Your Emergency Room staff has to be the best in the State.

Philip D.
Brunswick, ME

This, Mid Coast Hospital, is a work in progress ever since it moved from its former very congested area to its present location. Should it continue its building program it will soon rival and possibly surpass the older and smaller Portland hospitals. It may become the finest in Northern New England. It is definitely the "go to" hospital in this area.

Ambulatory Care Unit Patient

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…you have a great Intensive Care Unit. I can only remember one nurse named John, but the other nurses [and] student nurses did a wonderful job taking care of me. They made sure that I was always comfortable and provided the necessary medication to control my pain. They should be recognized and made aware of the great job they do day after day.

Philip D.
Brunswick, ME

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You can use me as a reference. Every aspect of my surgery, the OR nurses, anesthesiologist, recovery, …far exceeded my expectations.

David L.
Bowdoin, Maine

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The past month I have had many new (for me) tests and experiences at Mid Coast Hospital…Everyone was kind, considerate, personable and compassionate. The nurses who checked me in were so sweet to me, and explained everything they were going to do. My discharge nurse was attentive and kind. Thanks to everyone who made me feel important and cared for and made my minor event (but a big deal to me) less traumatic."

Barbara G.
Bath, Maine

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