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  Left to right: Carol Wark, Linda Parker, Lisa Discatio, Kathrin Moore

The most advanced Siemens cardiac catheterization equipment and a team of cardiologists, cardiac nurses, and technologists come together to benefit our patients. Cardiac catheterization allows the doctor to collect information needed to identify heart problems and to determine the best course of treatment. Cardiac Catheterization has become a common diagnostic test to detect and identify coronary artery disease.

During the procedure a long bendable tube is inserted into a blood vessel in the groin and is gently guided to the heart under x-ray. Once the tube has reached the heart the doctor collects information to determine:

  • Whether blood vessels to the heart are narrowed or blocked
  • The amount of pressure and blood flow in the heart's chambers
  • The status of the heart valves
  • How well the heart muscle pumps

By having this test done your doctor is able to collect the information he/she needs in identifying and determining the best course of treatment for your specific heart condition.



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