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A keystone of the Healing Environment Project is the commissioning of artwork from Maine-based artists. Because of budgetary and regulatory constraints, no monies raised for the construction of the new Mid Coast Hospital can be dedicated to this effort. Thus, your financial support is important to the success of the Healing Environment Project. Your tax-deductible contribution will assist us to purchase the artwork and will ensure that Mid Coast Hospital is in the forefront of providing advanced medical treatment within an integrated climate of healing and wellness.

We ask you to make a generous gift in support of this unique effort by sending your check (please click on the "Donate by Check" link below to get a printable form). Thank you for helping us to bring the finest in modern health care to the people of our communities through your financial support of the Healing Environment Project at the new Mid Coast Hospital.

All donors giving a gift to the Healing Environment Project of $1,000.00 or more
will be appropriately recognized at the new Mid Coast Hospital.

Click on the "Donate by Check" button and print out a donation form.



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